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What we do

What We Do

We are a team of hard working, honest individuals that are always looking for better ways to design and optimize websites. We help small businesses or individuals that need help with optimizing their existing websites. We will rebuild your website so it is highly optimized and fast loading.

We analyse your site

We Analyze

Most of the website online give bad result when tested for speed. Especially when testing for mobile. We will test your site, find the problems and apply solutions to speed up your website.

WE rebuild

We Rebuild

Once we have tested your site we will start rebuilding your site so it is up to speed and ranking on Google. We rebuild websites using our amazing Wordpress theme builder framework.

WE optimize

We Optimize

Once we have rebuilt your site, we will test it again. We will tweak it so it is a smooth running and highly optimized website. We guarantee that your site will be fast loading or your money back.

We aim for 100
Mobile First Technology

Mobile-First Technology

Optimized for mobiles right out of the box. The best part is that you actually work on the desktop. And the theme does the mobile optimization automatically. No need to worry anymore or try to design on a small device first. This is True Mobile-First Technology.


Ultra-Fast Optimization

With this amazing WordPress theme, you get all the technical stuff out of the way. WPOptimal optimizes in the back end as you build your website. WPOptimal is also SEO optimized so it is so much easier to get your website up and ranking on google.


Core Web Vitals Compliant

Are you ready for the Core Web Vitals? No need to worry with WPOptimal. Already core web vitals compliant so you don't have to think about it. You can simply enjoy designing and add your great content. Then WPOptimal does the rest for you.


Simple Template Builder

With WPOptimal theme builder, you can design easily as your heart desires. Easy to use, lightweight, easy to learn, you can see progress in real time as you design your website. This is truly exciting. Finally a user-friendly builder that is highly optimized.


Ultra-Optimized Mobile-First Framework

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Hi! I am Diane

I am a graphic designer and I understand the struggle when it comes to designing a website while keeping it optimized. It is so much fun to design websites. But most of the time great design takes a toll on performance by making sites sluggish and slow to load. This is a huge problem and unless you are prolific in coding, solutions are hard to find.

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Solution is Here

Good news, problem solved. Building sites with WPOptimal, a WordPress framework builder theme is a life changing experience. If you want to build or rebuild your website yourself or you are a designer building websites for clients, then you definitely want to give it a spin. See for yourself how powerful this new way of building websites truly is.

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